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System Sampler Kit


250ml System Sampler Kit – everything you need to get started and eradicate rust. Enough to cover 1sq meter in 2 coats.

System Sampler Kit – $38.00


Product Description

System Sampler Kit ideal GeneratorsThe KBS System Sampler Kit contains everything you need to clean, prep and seal an area of 1sq meter in 2 coats using our 3 Step Total Rust Eradication System.
Ideal for lawn mowers, bicycle frames and small machines.

KBS Coatings 3-STEP SYSTEM of KBS AquaKlean (an industrial strength water-based cleaner / degreaser), KBS RustBlast (a powerful rust remover / metal etch) and RustSeal (a rust preventive coating) is the most effective rust and corrosion prevention system available today – see the 3 Step Total Rust Eradication Flow Chart.

RustSeal chemically bonds to bare metal to form a permanent, moisture resistant finish that is flexible yet won’t crack, chip or peel. Because RustSeal is moisture-cured, this superior coating is made even stronger by continued exposure to moisture. RustSeal is also highly resistant to some of the most aggressive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, salts, abrasive materials, fertilizers, coal dusts, solvents, oils, and other refined petroleum products.

More information: System Sampler Kit Information

Kit Contains

  • 250 mls – AquaKlean
  • 250 mls – RustBlast
  • 250 mls – can of KBS RustSeal (any color)
  • KBS Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves
  • 1 x Paint Brush
  • Complete & Detailed Instructions

Rust Seal Colours

rust-seal-colours-e1460955761849Still unsure what colour to choose? Click Here for detailed colour descriptions.

3 Step Total Rust Eradication System

KBS 3 Step Total Rust Eradication System


Additional Information


Gloss Black, Satin Black, Silver, Grey,


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight 5-35°C


Sampler kit covers 1sq meter in 2 coats


Follow the KBS 3 Step Detailed Instructions.
Will cover up to 1sq meter in 2 coats.
Apply via brushing, spraying or rolling with no trace of brush or roller strokes.

RustSeal is extremely thick – stir for 5 minutes prior to use.
Apply at least two thin coats – thick application will bubble.
When applying with a spray gun, thin RustSeal with ‘KBS No.1 Thinners’ 5-20%.

Perfect for:
-Automotive – Chassis, floor pans, wheel wells, fenders, trunks, engines, suspension parts, axles, roof drains, springs, doors, almost every part on a car except the exhaust!

-Marine – Engine rooms, hulls, masts, bilges, heat exchangers, decks, chain lockers, pumps, fuel tanks, boat trailers.

-Industrial – Heavy transport, steam pipes, sealing concrete, air conditioning repair, fibreglass repair, rebar coating, steel roof, fuel & waste-water treatment tanks.

-Household – Hand rails, support beams, lawn equipment, garage floors, pipe work, appliances, lead-based paint encapsulation.