About Us

KBS COATINGS is a proudly Australian owned and run manufacturing company specialising in Single Component Moisture Cured Urethane (MCU) coatings and sealers and is one of only a handful of companies around the world who have mastered this challenging technology.

Specialist Manufacturers of Single Component Coatings for:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • Maintenance & Repair Industries

The advantage of working with this technology is that you get the convenience of a single pack coating with no hardeners or mixing ratios to worry about, and performance levels that greatly exceed regular two component coatings. In addition, with the high solid nature of KBS Coatings MCUs you get the added advantage of low VOCs (the solvents in the coating) meaning that our coatings have some of the highest environmental standards for solvent based coatings anywhere in the world. Many of them are lower than California’s VOC limits which are the toughest in the world.

KBS Technology

The protective coatings industry has traditionally had only two product types – HARD and FLEXIBLE coatings. The main difference between the two are their physical properties. The harder the coating the more brittle it is, and the more flexible the coating the softer it becomes. A great example of this is an epoxy coating, it tends to be very hard but cracks with even the smallest movement.

In most real life applications you are looking for a coating to be both hard and flexible, and at the same time TOUGH – say an undercarriage of a car experiences high vibration (requires flexibility) and is constantly being bombarded by small road projectiles (has to be hard and tough). KBS has found an ingenious solution to this problem a special formulation combined with high solid content that has all the links in the right places within the coating. This effect is called CROSS LINKING.

KBS coatings are highly cross linked, much more so than regular coatings. This allows KBS Coatings to be super tough and at the same time remain flexible without breaking their bond to the material.