Which Colour Should I Use?

RustSeal is available in a variety of colours suitable for any project. While RustSeal has a moderate level of UV stability, the finish will dull and fade if exposed for extended periods to direct sunlight. RustSeal can be top coated with any topcoat system you choose for a bright, lasting finish.


This strikingly rich black finish is a popular choice for all automotive restoration applications. With a long lasting wet shine!


A rich chassis finish for those wanting to look “original”. This vibrant black coating has a low lustre uniform sheen which is comparable to OEM finishes.


Enriched with a solidifying metal flake. Ideal for heavily pitted surfaces. Ideal for industrial applications due to its high abrasion resistance.


A medium grey coloured coating that cures to a smooth diamond hard finish! Ideal for sealing & protecting steel, concrete, cinder blocks, warehouse floors, plywood and more!