KBS Sound Deadening Mat


KBS Sound Deadening Mat is a premium butyl-rubber sound deadener that is very effective in stopping noise and vibration.

Available in cartons of 15 sheets. Each sheet is 300mm x 550mm and only 1.8mm thick. Total of 2.475m2 per carton.

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KBS Sound Deadening Mat is a modified visco-elastic butyl rubber sheet that stops noise generating resonance and vibration by converting noise and vibration energy into non acoustic energy – your ride becomes quieter. The light-weight, thin, flexible sheet is self-adhesive with a pliable aluminium backing making installation very easy regardless of your vehicle contours.

KBS Sound Deadening Mat should be used on any and all interior sheet metal or fiberglass body panels in your vehicle.

Technical Characteristics

KBS Sound Deadening Mat uses highest quality butyl rubber from Japan blended with special compounds to maximise sound dampening properties whilst minimising thickness and weight.

  • Black butyl rubber with black aluminium backing layer and paper release liner
  • Thin; total thickness 1.8mm (1.7mm modified butyl sheet with 0.1mm aluminium backing)
  • Light; total weight of 2.8 kg/m2
  • Easy to use sheets; 300mm x 550mm sheets with 15 sheets to a carton (2.475m2 per carton).
  • Acoustic Loss Factor performance exceeds Dynamat Xtreme (using ASTM E756 at 200hz)


  • Thin and lightweight yet extremely effective
  • Best sound deadening performance available
  • Super strong self-adhesive quality
  • Flexible and easy to cut and install
  • Stops vibration and resonance
  • Reduces road noise and reduces heat transfer
  • Easy to install


The KBS Sound Deadening Mat should be cut to the required size or shape before the release paper is removed. The mat can be cut with scissors or a knife. Ensure that the application surface is free from dust, grease, moisture or other contaminants. Remove the release paper from the sound deadening mat and carefully attached the shortest edge to the substrate before firmly pressing the mat into place. Use of a pressure roller is recommended.

Application should be carried out when temperature is between 10 deg C and 40 deg C. Heating of the mat prior to application is not necessary. Wear gloves to avoid the sharp edges on the aluminium sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is thicker sound deadening mat better?
Thick sound deadening mat adds weight, is bulkier, more difficult to cut, harder to conform to vehicle contours and the added thickness can make it complicated to reinstall trim pieces. Moreover, thicker sound deadener made from low quality materials may not offer better acoustic performance that a well-engineered, thin sound deadener.

I’ve experienced other sound deadening sheets not adhering. Is KBS Sound Deadening Mat different?
Sound deadening sheets made of cheap, low quality raw materials, can be easily identified as they tend to be thicker and the adhesive side is not as ‘sticky’ as sound deadeners made from higher quality butyl. These cheaper products may not ‘stay stuck’ to the interior vehicle surface. In addition, avoid using surface cleaners which leave a residue (such as methylated spirits) as these can also impair adhesion.


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1 carton (2.475m2), 2 cartons (4.95m2), 3 cartons (7.425m2), 4 cartons (9.9m2)