Spray Gun Filters


Dry Air Spray Gun Filter - Downstream moisture will ruin your spray job. Stop failure with our direct in-line filter at the gun.

Gun Filter each – $12.00
Gun Filter pack of 6 – $60.00

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6-Spray-Gun-Air-FiltersThese disposable filters are an absolute must, as our experienced users know. Moisture curing urethanes do not like even the smallest amount of trace moisture before they make contact with the surface they are being applied to. This filter will not only absorb moisture but other trace contaminants like oil, and dust particles down to less than a micron! Simply attach directly to the spray gun and clip on air fitting and you are ready to go. This filter can operate up to 30 CFM’s with almost no pressure drop and is HVLP compatible.

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Each, Pack of 6


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight 5-35°C

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